Dancing is after all a social affair and whether you are interested in traditional American ballroom styles, Latin or Rhythm dances, you will find it all here.

Here you will find the best techniques, taught by internationally recognized dancer, instructor, and choreographer, Mr. Benjamin De La Vega and his staff – You will find a "home away from home," and an atmosphere full of fun!

Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned competition ballroom dancer, or just an enthusiast looking to pick up a couple of steps for weddings, parties, and dances, we’re here to help! So how do you get started?

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Oh what a wonderful time we had at the "19th Annual Black & White Ball".  Linda Petty and the Main Event were superb and the Professional Show was breathtaking.  I would estimate over 300 people were enjoying the festivities.  Thank you Ben and PJ for a memorable evening.

Sue Fitzgerald

August 22, 2011

- Sue Fitzgerald (Tango & Cha-cha's Ballroom Dance Studio)

Hi PJ and Ben,

David and I wanted to thank you both for a wonderful evening at the B & W Ball.  We had a great time as did all of our group from Images of Dance.  Our table was terrific, in my opinion the best one in the house.  Thank you so much for acknowledging Amy West and her studio.  Last year we had 8 people, this year we had 12 dancers, and hopefully more next year.  Everyone has already asked me to put them down for same time next year.  So thank you for your thoughtfulness and a wonderful event.

Faye Scoville,

(August 26, 2011)

- Faye Scoville

Hi Ben & PJ,

Last night was fabulous - you did a great job - the room looked so pretty, the food was delicious, the dancers exciting and the general dancing was definitely enjoyed by all.  We had a very pleasant table and enjoyed it immensely.  You should be proud of yourselves for making so many people happy.

Keep up the good work!

Maureen Anderson

(August 21, 2011)

- Maureen Anderson

Dear PJ & Ben,

Thank you for putting on a splendid party last night.  In talking to each one in our group of eight - all had a great time.  All really liked the performances, especially Jairelbhi and George; partly because Al, Kathy, August and Diane took a lesson from them yesterday afternoon; and they stopped past and chatted for a few minutes as we were waiting to enter the dining room.

And we want to thank you for putting Al and Kathy at table #5.  That made it much more enjoyable for them and for August and Diane.

It sounds like all will return next year!

Best Wishes,

Tom Apple

(August 21, 2011)

- Tom Apple

Hi PJ,

I hope all is well with you and Ben today.  I just wanted to thank you again for including me in the 19th Annual Black & White Ball this past Saturday.  It was a pleasure serving as a dance host at this wonderful event.

Kindest regards and have a great day!

Johnny Tan 

(August 24, 2011)



- Johnny Tan

Hi PJ and Ben,

Thanks for a wonderful Christmas Party!  Of all the dance studio parties PJ's is the best by far.  The music is good and the hosts are great!  Also the pictures are very good.  Everybody is having a good time.

Happy New Year,


(December 27, 2010)


- Larry Petrosian

Hi Ben, PJ:
I hear that the Black and White Ball was FABULOUS this year – I think they said the best one so far and the food was great.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  I am so happy for you – you always do everything with such great style!  Sorry I missed out – but hope to see you soon.
Your Friend and Great Admirer,
Maureen Anderson
(August 28, 2010)

- Maureen Anderson

The GOOD NEWS is You did a super job last night.  Want to tell both you and Ben that I enjoyed it very much.  And I also want to thank you for putting me with Vivien and the very nice other people at the table and also for putting me near Milly and Gene McClain table.  It took some special doing on your part and it was much appreciated.
(August 22, 2010)

- Travis

Dear PJ and Ben,
Just want to send you a note to THANK YOU for such a successful 18th Annual Black & White Ball.  We not only enjoyed every bit of it, we also
admired your organizational abilities.  Here’s wishing you another triumphant year ahead toward your 19th Annual Black & White Ball.
Milly and Gene
(August 23, 2010)

- Milly and Gene

I had a blast!  I will definitely check out the photos tomorrow!  Thank you for putting together such a fabulous event – all Studio 22 guests were thrilled!!
(August 27, 2010)

- Gracie

“It was our pleasure to support you and Ben.  Thank you for taking the time to host the most prestigious ballroom gala in Dallas.  You contribute greatly to the dance community and it is truly appreciated by many.”
Michelle Hafle (Studio 22)
(August 24, 2010)

- Michelle Hafle (Studio 22)

WOW, WHAT A TERRIFIC “BALL”.  I know that I really enjoyed it; as did Cecil and August.  Everyone said they will return for next year’s ball.
Thank you.
Best Wishes,
Tom Apple
(August 23, 2010)

- Tom Apple

Hi PJ and Ben,
What a wonderful time!  Your Black and White Ball was absolutely fabulous this year.  From the music, to the food, to the dance floor and pro show, I loved it all.  Thanks for putting together such a memorable night.
And PJ, thanks for your patience while we were getting our table organized!
See you on a dance floor soon,
Diane Montgomery
(August 18, 2009)

- Diane Montgomery

PJ, It was a blast!  Glad to see such great turnout!  I know this Ball will pick up from now on!  I got people calling me, thanking me to let them know about this Ball, cause they thought the professionals were awesome!
Thank you and Ben from the bottom of our hearts for your hospitality and giving us a chance to perform there!
By the way, you looked beautiful in your gown that night, didn’t have a chance to tell you that night!  Was caught up in all that excitement!
Love you guys,
Betsy Lee
(August 22, 2007)

- Betsy Lee

Ben and PJ:

Thank you for a lovely evening!  What a great party last night - I felt like I was in your personal drawing room being entertained royally!  I had such a good time.  Thank you for inviting me.  It was nice to see both of you and other old friends again.

I know you Black & White Ball is going to be a huge success -- it started off with a bang last night!  I am so proud of you and I appreciate all you do for the dancing industry.

Stay in touch.

Your ardent admirer,


(June 26, 2010)

P.S.  Loved the new color and the new decor!  Looked great !!!


- Maureen A.

We recently relocated to Allen, TX from the Boston area and were recommended to PJ's Dancetique, where we hoped to pick up where we left off 20 years ago in our interest for ballroom dancing. We joined the Friday evening beginners class and in two weeks we were hooked. People ask us why the interest and dedication to ballroom dance?  The answer is easily summed up as Ben De La Vega. Ben possesses a passion for dance and truly believes that it transforms lives. In our short experience under Ben's tutelage, we have seen many of our fellow dancers blossom forth with a new level of self-confidence and pride in their accomplishments. Ben's style and approach to instruction is the key to success for his students. Ben teaches at many levels from the ‘basics’ to the very advanced competitive dancer, and each class receives his very best. He brings boundless enthusiasm, confidence and his own special touch of humor to each class. He never misses an opportunity to have a quick one-on-one conversation with each student to help them along their way. When we finish a group of sessions with Ben, we walk away feeling we have progressed on our path and have had a great time in the process.

Ben is also engaged in Dance beyond the studio, spending time as a Judge Emeritus at competitive venues, conducting dance demonstrations for various interest groups, and in general promoting the benefit of Dance in the greater Dallas area. Ben, along with PJ's Dancetique, sponsors what has become one of Dallas' premiere social events, the Black and White Ball. This venue combines live Big Band Sound, Top Professional Dancers demonstrating their craft, and plenty of dancing for all.  It is further enhanced by an exquisite formal dining experience. Ben insures that all that come get to dance - a lot. The Black and White Ball motivates all of us "students" to learn our lessons well so we may be at our best and demonstrate our skill at the Ball.

PJs Dancetique, named for the beautiful and exotic PJ Ward (think of ‘Liat’ in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific, described as always looking ‘Younger’ than ‘Springtime’) is welcoming to the new dancer.  It’s a bright, friendly studio that transforms into a ‘Dance Party’ every Saturday evening.  PJ is there to greet you and Ben MC’s the evening, never missing a chance to dance and insuring that everyone feels the music of the night. We highly recommend a visit to PJs Dancetique to experience ‘dancing’ with Ben De La Vega.’

- Bob and Christine C.

Ten years ago I started dance classes around Dallas with many different studios.  As I attended local dances and observed women who were the most elegant and beautiful dancers, I would inquire who taught them to dance and always their answer was the same – Ben De La Vega.  One dark rainy night I set out to find Ben De La Vega.  This was my lucky night and since then I’ve never gone to any other teacher.  His teaching methods, extreme patience, personal encouragement, humorous personality and attention to each student's needs are not to be rivaled. He makes learning to dance fun and one of the greatest joys of my life.  If you make the same inquiries, the name you will hear is Ben De La Vega.  Dallas is so very fortunate to have such a superbly talented and dedicated instructor.

Ben has generated an international reputation.  For sixteen years, he has produced a grand ball that features as guest performers the World Champion smooth and Latin dancers.  You may have seen them performing on Dancing With the Stars, such as 2006 Victor Fung & Anna Mikhed, 2007 Felipe & Carolina Telona and 2008 Jose DeCamps & Joanna Zacharewicz.  No other local dance teacher nor anyone else has given this quality of dance entertainment to the area, coupled with an exquisite evening of dinner and dancing to a large orchestra.  To quote my friend Leo: ‘This is an event not to be missed!’ 

My time and finances are both limited and I can waste neither, and that’s why after eight years I’m still totally sold on Ben.  He lives and breathes dancing and his students.  Regardless of social and financial status you will be given the same superb gracious instruction and dedication.  Ben is one of the few internationally certified dance instructors available locally.  To know Ben is to know a truly unique individual, as he is ‘one of a kind.’  He is also a very talented performer and a great choreographer and M.C.

Ben presents ballroom dancing as the art that it is with great elegance.

- Sally D.

As an artist, Ben De La Vega does not limit himself within the “ballroom dance” environment. His talent as a dancer/choreographer is solicited by diverse cultural communities in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Ben and I danced the “Bolero” at a Filipino fiesta celebration at St Pius X Catholic Church in Dallas, Jan. 2007. The choreography and costumes were adaptive of the Spanish influence on the Filipino culture. Music was sung live by Farle Luchan, a Filipino recording artist.


- Vivien E.

“As an Asian dancer, I was very lucky and happy to find Ben De La Vega, with whom I study dance. I have performed with Ben on many occasions for Asian and American groups as his partner.  We have performed doing many lifts and drops. He is a superb teacher of all American dances, but expert in all the following:  Vietnamese versions, Be-Bop, Valse, Cha-Cha-Cha, Tango, Paso, Slow, and Rumba.  This is quite unusual for an American teacher.  I am not his only Asian student. He teaches a multitude of classes as well as private Asian classes.  It gives me great pleasure to recommend Mr. De La Vega for both American and Vietnamese dances.  You will enjoy him as a person as well as an instructor and I feel very fortunate to be his student.”

- Thuy T.

“Ben De La Vega is an outstanding dancer and teacher!

“About fifteen years ago, he single-handedly organized the Black and White Ball for the DFW Metroplex -- this was before ballroom dancing became famous and the only dance in Texas was Country and Western! Since he is well-respected and has done so much for Ballroom dancing, he was able to invite championship dances from Canada, London, Germany, France and around the US to perform at his Black and White formal events. All the Big Bands stand in line to be invited to play at his Ball. This is a yearly event in August and is eagerly awaited by many.

“He has spent many an hour at many a senior center facility entertaining and dancing with residents and bringing love and joy of dancing back into their lives – with very little profit to him personally but much enjoyment to all the seniors who eagerly await his visits.

“To pass along his good fortune and to share his love of dancing, he has organized a group who will be raising funds and dancing for the awareness of dementia.   VIVA! Ben De La Vega and VIVA! Ballroom Dancing.”

- Maurine A.

“A chance email led me to my new teacher, Ben De La Vega. In three weeks I have fallen under the spell of Ben’s challenging advanced group lessons. With his edgy humor and great dancing moves you will not be disappointed if you have a serious interest in dancing form and dancing fun. Come join us!”

- Karen C.

“I have been taking group lessons from Ben since 9/2007. He makes it such an enjoyable time that it has become a highlight of my week. Ben is so patient with my lack of skill! He is always positive and very supportive, even when it takes me a long time to learn a pattern. I recommend lessons with Ben to my friends.”

- Phyllis E.

“My wife and I have had the pleasure and privilege of first taking a series of group lessons from Ben at a Dallas private club six years or so ago. We learned so much that we did so again through another club the following year and then started monthly private lessons at PJ's Dancetique. Ben is professional, knowledgeable and incredibly patient; the later mentioned quality has been put to the test repeatedly by this writer.”

- Mike S.

“Taking dance lessons with Ben is truly a magical experience! Ben's method of teaching is seamless. His patience,detail to techinique and style, as well as his humor, makes each lesson memorable. Time was gone in a blink and I learned so much! I wanted to learn the Tango in this lifetime, and Ben made it a memorable and great experience. I have found Ben to be a talented professional in any dance that he teaches.”

- Charlene D.

"I've taken group as well as private lessons from Ben for over a year and am thrilled with my progress! Compared to other dance studios, he teaches much more per class and makes the learning fun!"

- Sharon S.

“Ben brings a whole new dimension to ballroom dancing. His tireless patience in teaching the techniques and style of ballroom dancing along with a great personality has made a profound, positive impact in my dancing. He is a true master of the craft of ballroom dancing.”

- John J.

“Ben has an excellent way of teaching that is fun. His lessons are never boring and he helps us understand what it means to be good dancers. With the styling tips that he provides us, he gives us the power to look like we have been dancing for years. As we move forward in learning new dances, Ben provides us with new challenges as we attempt to look like Fred and Ginger.”

- Bill S.

“Ben De La Vega brings a lot of fun to his classes. His humor and playful spirit make you feel welcome immediately. Whether you are stepping on the dance floor for the first time or if you are an experienced dancer, his teaching skills adjust to all levels and he brings out the best in everyone. He loves to help others dance better and it shows!”

- Carol M.

“Ben De La Vega is the ‘real deal’ when it comes to dance instruction.  He knows all the ballroom dances, both men’s and ladies’ parts, like no one I have ever met.  He has an innate ability to convey this knowledge to others.  His love of dancing and teaching others to dance permeates his whole being.  Add to that his teaching style - his generosity, patience, the clarity of his teaching, and his boundless energy.  And this is a man of class.  If you have any question in this regard, simply attend his Annual Black & White Ball.  I am so thankful I have come across this man, who has now become my dance teacher and close friend.”

- David K.